90291 Studio is a Los Angeles creative agency founded by Leandro Di Stefano. Over the last 21 years, he has been involved in shaping and managing brands and projects across the fields of fashion and design in different markets around the world. His influence has helped bring to life and inspire many people, projects, and brands.

As an entrepreneur, creative leader, and natural brand builder, Leandro started his first company and brand when he was 19 years old in 2002 and turned a small investment into a million-dollar business. He continued his career by creating a group of more than 10 brands managed by him. He finally sold the companies and licenses in 2018 to continue the maturation of his career, building businesses in the most competitive markets in the world.

90291 Studio is something that he has always believed in, capitalizing all his experience to help brands in different fields, working with all the best professionals he has crossed paths with during his career. His main team has worked with Leandro on projects around the world and has the experience to lead any project that the studio is involved in.